Be of Good Cheer

Be of Good Cheer

I have to explain the picture of the Bible verse from John 16:33. A couple of weeks ago I had one of those weeks. You know those weeks. The ones where everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. Well my week went a little like this…

It was the first week of school after the summer break. I home school my two boys and I was already behind getting started on the school year. So, I planned it out and we went to get started except, my computer decided to die that day. My BRAND-NEW computer. Less than 2-week old computer. The screen started flickering and then fading in and out. After several hours on the phone with the computer company they determined that the computer needed returned. That is great and all except, I live 2 hours away from the store I bought it from. Also, they informed me that I had 2 days in which to get it done before they could not take it back and I was stuck with it. Great…

As the week went on more and more stuff seemed to happen. The kitchen sink started leaking again. We live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1920. We have been slowly fixing it up. However, the kitchen is going to be a very long and expensive project that we are saving up for and isn’t done yet. More about my kitchen later, but for now just know that the sink leaks intermittently, and chose that week to start leaking again. So at least once a day I have to remember to empty the bucket under the sink or it will flood the kitchen. Are we having fun yet?

Then someone ran over our mailbox. I went outside to water my strawberries and found our mailbox lying in the middle of our grass and the post broken. Mail lady informed me that she would not be delivering mail until it was fixed…Yippee, add that to my list of things to do.

The week continued…. I am cub scout leader and I have been struggling dealing with one of the other leaders. She is a difficult person of whom I try to have compassion for but with everything going on, I was at my end with her emotional neediness that week. I literally had to walk away from her at one point just so I would not snap back. I was trying so hard to be patient and kind that after the pack meeting I went out to my truck and just started to cry. Cubs is supposed to be fun, right? Nope, I’m crying in the parking lot trying not to let the kids see.

A lot of other little things added to my week. Nothing huge and catastrophic but small things. Little things that I let get to me. Tired and emotionally drained, every small negative thing started getting on my nerves. My kids and husband needing attention. Errands that took too long, not getting enough sleep. I literally felt like I was losing it.

In desperation, I remembered that Bible verse from the Gospel of St John. I love that verse. It reminds me that through Jesus our Savior we can overcome the world. We can overcome the negativity and the sorrow and the disappointments in this life. Jesus has already come and given us salvation. He has provided the way for us to be happy and cheerful and find peace.

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

So, I wrote it on my window. Right next to my kitchen sink. I wrote it there so I would see it and remember that even though I am going through a rough patch, that it will be alright. It will get better. This too shall pass.

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