Remember the Snow

Remember the Snow

I have this phrase I repeat to myself when I’m starting to get overwhelmed…

Remember the snow….

I tell myself to remember the snow. It’s a simple little phrase that reminds me of the first night time snow of the season. I’m not talking about the first snow. Although, that is a beautiful sight. I’m talking about the first night time snow.

There is something about it snowing at night that is incredibly peaceful. If you live in an area that snows you’ll know what I’m talking about. You walk outside and see the soft little flakes drifting down, just starting to cover the world. They are small and gentle and it makes the night magical. When it snows it’s almost like the world goes quiet. Suddenly you are like one of those Disney Princesses where the wind swirls around you and makes things sparkle. There’s a stillness that washes over everything, and you are all alone but happy. It makes everything seem like it is going to be alright, because the snow is covering up all the harshness of the world. It makes me smile and feel like a kid again.

So I remember the snow. I picture this when I’m having a rough time because I feel like it washes it all away. Snow covers up the ugliness and leaves everything beautiful.

What do you tell yourself to make it all better?

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