Just Create

Just Create

I had a moment not very long ago when I was listening to a podcast and something clicked. The podcast was about creation. Creating things instead of just consuming them. The author of the podcast was explaining about how we consume things all day long, when we are on social media or the internet. So many of us spend hours on the internet, pinning things to Pinterest or watching videos on YouTube. But how many of us actually make the things we pin? Or create our own videos?

As I was listening to this it struck me. I was meant to create. I need to create something. I am not overly crafty but I have tried a few different things. I can knit pretty well and I even learned how to carve eggs. I have a long way to go before I could call myself good at it but at least I tried it, right?

So, find your thing. Draw a picture, plant a seed, build a fort out of blankets for your kids. Just create.

You know why? It will make you feel good inside. It will inspire you to create something else. It will give you energy and a new perspective. Stop envying those that post pictures of perfectly decorated cakes or Halloween costumes. Just make something. It doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty or even good. But do it for you. Don’t try to be perfect about it. Don’t put extremely high expectations on it, just do it for fun.

I promise you it will make you feel better and it just might lead to a whole new hobby.

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