Soccer Picture Day Grumblings

Soccer Picture Day Grumblings

Dear Local Event Coordinators,

I know you thought that it is a fantastic idea to have soccer pictures at 7:45 in the morning. But I’m telling you guys it’s not.

Maybe during your brilliant scheming it sounded reasonable. But I think you forgot a little thing, like what time the sun rises. The sun doesn’t even come up over the mountains until 7:40 am. Meaning everyone is literally squinting into the sun to have their picture taken.

But then you also are the same people that scheduled a game in the dark last night. Have you ever seen a bunch of 11-14 year olds trying to kick a soccer ball in the dark? I have. You are cheering for everyone because you have no idea who is who or even where the ball is.

When the coach is using his phone as a flashlight to see his clipboard, I think it’s time to call it off.

I mean c’mon guys, did you think about the fact that these families need to sleep? After dark and before dawn on back to back days, means we barely slept. Means grumpy kids, means horribly grumpy parents.

Oh and one other little itty bitty thing. It’s 28 degrees outside. You know what happens at 28 degrees? Ice happens, frost happens, frozen grass happens. Especially when the sprinklers ran on the field last night. Have you ever watched soccer players slide around on a field using their cleats like ice skates? I have.

So please, please, think about the families next time you plan your amazing season. Remember us? We are the ones wearing snow gear to watch a soccer game. Wave at me I’m the one in the green winter coat and handwarmers shoved in my pockets.


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