Fall, the Turning of a Page, and the Cries of a Mother

Fall, the Turning of a Page, and the Cries of a Mother

Fall always brings raw emotions to the surface for me. But this year is especially tender.

My boys are growing up. When they were small I remember thinking that it would last forever. Forever I would be sleep deprived and busy. But today I find myself in a different state.

Today my boys are growing into men.

I don’t know when it happened but suddenly my son can carry 50 lbs. bags of chicken feed for me. Suddenly I’m asking him to get something off of the top shelf in the kitchen.

It saddens me to remember all those Fall days when they searched for the prettiest leaves for me to display in the window. Now instead they are excited about sports and friends and leaves are long forgotten.

Gone are the days of bundling them up to ride their tricycles down the sidewalk. Gone are the days of cartoons and finger-painted drawings on my fridge.

So, this year I’m a little hesitant to welcome Fall. I’m not ready. I’m not ready for my babies to grow up.

You can’t have them yet because I still need them.

Fall you can go back to sleep for a while. Just let me hold them a little longer in my arms.

Please hush now because my babies are growing up and I need to tuck them in one more time.

Fall don’t turn the page on their childhood yet, because their Momma is still here.



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