Love to Learn, Tips for Helping Kids Love Learning

Love to Learn, Tips for Helping Kids Love Learning

Do your kids love to learn?

I’m going to share with you some very simple tips to get your children inspired to learn. Learning doesn’t have to be miserable and I can show you how.

Get down on their level

First off, what are your children interested in? It is your mission to find out. Take them to the library and see what they gravitate towards. Is it Science, or History? Be sure to check out books or websites that engage them to want to learn more. There are several excellent free websites out there geared towards children.

Here are a couple of my favorites:



Provide opportunitiesteddy learning

Next, work in opportunities for learning throughout the day.  When kids think that you are forcing them to learn something, their natural instinct is to rebel.  Instead try taking a softer approach. Provide occasions for them to learn by offering to check out a book on a subject they talked about. Also, you can look up a YouTube video on the subject.

Crash Course Kids

Look for teaching moments


In addition, each day there are plenty of opportunities to turn everyday activities into teaching moments. Practice understanding fractions by measuring flour for cookies in the kitchen. Or show them the fascinating world of insects by turning over rocks in the yard. These teaching moments are the best way to get kids to love to learn.  No matter what you are doing you can usually find a way to make it into a teaching moment.

Get excited

Next, learning can be exciting and you can share the enthusiasm.  Find that inner child.  By doing this your children will reflect that attitude. You don’t have to be fake or something you aren’t, but find something that inspires you. Play with Legos on the floor with your children. Legos are a fantastic way to teach math. They can provide ways to demonstrate adding, subtracting, grouping, and so much more. Afterwards you can build something together just for fun.

Let them decidebooks

Furthermore, let your child decide what order they want to work on their classes.  If you let them have some control over their school work they will feel more ownership for it.  Also, give them options whenever possible.  I have always made my boys have a book they are reading. I allow them to pick the book as long it is appropriate and not a comic book!


Truly, science is by far the best way to get kids to engage with the learning process.  Especially because science makes learning hands on.  Taking the time to do a science experiment will help open doors for you and your child to connect.  It creates a fun playful way to learn new things and make memorable experiences.


Make it a game

Finally, have fun with it.  If you can make a subject interesting by making a game out of it, do it.  Be silly!  No one is watching but your children and they will love every minute of it.


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