5 Things to Consider Before Homeschooling

5 Things to Consider Before Homeschooling

Before you start homeschooling you should take the time to consider a few things.

Why are you homeschooling?

Are you homeschooling because you want to? Or are you homeschooling because you feel you need to? Is it because you feel obligated to because the rest of your family is doing it?

You need to think about this very carefully. If your heart isn’t in homeschooling then you will really struggle. If you are homeschooling because you feel it is your families best option then go for it. Or if you are homeschooling because you have this intense desire or calling, then definitely go for it. But if you are hesitant and are being pressured to homeschool, then you need to rethink it. Homeschooling your children is on you and if you don’t want to do it then, it will be an uphill battle every day. It will be hard and challenging and your heart needs to be in it.

They are always with you.

Your children will be home all of the time. There is no free-time during school hours because they are home. This is awesome because you get to witness the small miracles of your children learning new concepts. However, it is hard to find space for yourself. Try and figure out a plan before you start. You will need alone time, girl time, or just kid free time.

You will need supplies.

When you first start homeschooling the cost can be high depending on the curriculum you choose. You will need the basics like paper and pencils. But remember to think about other things also. In science you will need a microscope and for history you might need wall maps. You can find a lot of really great things at the dollar store but did you know that your library might have some of these things? Some libraries lend out microscopes and GPS’s. How cool is that?

It can be lonely.

You will be different among other moms. Homeschoolers are a minority which is why when you find other homeschooling families, you will cling to them. But most days you can feel pretty lonely. It really helps if you have a spouse to bounce ideas off of or a friend that can give you suggestions.

Follow-through with things.

Please consider this one carefully. I have seen many families start to homeschool and then halfway through the school year brake-check and give up. When you pull your child out of public school to homeschool and then give up, you are confusing them. It takes several months to adjust to a new school or homeschooling. Each time you do it there are consequences. Just like moving to a new town, it takes time to build up friendships, etc. So, just think about it. If you are going to homeschool dedicate yourself to finishing the year. At least make it through until the next school year. You might find it gets better and end up continuing. Don’t give up when it gets hard.

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