10 Examples of Homeschool Gifts That Will Inspire You

10 Examples of Homeschool Gifts That Will Inspire You

With the Christmas season fast approaching I thought I would take a break from the 12 Simple Steps to Homeschooling Series and share with you some ideas for gifts for your homeschool.  I get asked quite a bit about supplies for homeschooling, so I want to give you some fun suggestions to think about.

Homeschool supplies will depend on the age of your child.  When they are younger, usually craft supplies might be needed more while older kids would benefit more from a microscope.  Sometimes you want these items to be fun but educational so here are my top 10 gift ideas for your homeschooled child.

Homeschool Gifts!

When my son was struggling to learn to read one of the ways I got him to start reading chapter books was the Magic Treehouse Book Series. They were entertaining and educational, and he loved them.

We use whiteboards and dry erase markers all the time. We use them for math, spelling, history, you name it.  Sometimes it is just easier to write things out on whiteboards and erase quickly without having to go through tons of paper.

Wall maps have come in handy when teaching history and geography. We used ours to mark out battles during a civil war unit last year.  When we planned a cross-country road trip we used it to plan our route and discuss the individual states we would be passing through.


Legos are awesome. Legos are the worlds best helper for teaching math.  You can build things, use them to explain fractions, multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.  There are so many things you can do with Legos and if you get the basic building block ones it is even better.One year my parents gave my boys a Snap circuit kit. It was a ton of fun.  It helps teach them about electricity and building simple machines.

We had a lot of fun building the Volcano in this kit. After assembling the volcano, we used it several times to build baking soda volcanos.  Add a little food coloring and soap and it looks like real lava.  It is definitely an outside experiment

Art supply kits like this are extremely useful for a lot of different projects. We have used ours a lot.  I like that it keeps all the supplies in one neat container.


Matching games and Spelling matching games are great ways to teach younger children basic spelling and matching concepts. They have a lot of fun with it and don’t even realize they are learning

Premade science kits can be a great way to come up with ideas for science experiments. They already have the supplies and the instructions included with the set.  Sometimes your older children can even do them on their own.


I have always wanted one of these for myself and my children. When I was a child we used to play “Store” all the time.  We would “sell” our toys to each other using monopoly money.  It is a fantastic way to teach money concepts.


There you have it my top 10 homeschool gifts for this Christmas season!

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