3 Epic Reasons to go on a Homeschool Adventure

3 Epic Reasons to go on a Homeschool Adventure

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This is the final week of the 12 Simple Steps to Homeschooling Series.  Here you can find last week’s article, Understanding the Reality of Test Anxiety.  Today’s topic is about going on a homeschool adventure or field trip, and socialization.


Homeschooled children and socialization

Socialization is a heavy topic.  I wrote a previous article about it called, We Are All Mothers — “Socialization” the Elephant in the Room.  For some reason, people feel that it is OK to question homeschool parents about socialization.  This is none of their business.  Even if you don’t choose to explain to them about homeschooling you are left wondering and doubting yourself.  Let me stop you there.  You are doing good enough.

Socialization comes in many forms and is not restricted to children attending public school with peers.  It means that your child needs to interact with people.  This could be siblings, the clerk at the grocery store, relatives, or just about anyone.  The good news is children do this naturally throughout their lives.  Sometimes homeschooled children need to be pushed to meet new kids or try new things.  You as their parent will recognize and seize these opportunities.


Take a homeschool adventure and get involved

I have always had the rule with our children that they must be in at least one activity outside of the home.  This started with story time at the library, then sports, then a theatre program and scouts.  I felt it was necessary for my children to learn new skills and be around other kids.  Look around where you live.  See if there is something you can do to get your children involved in the community.

Taking a field trip is a great way to socialize as well as learn and experience something different.  At least a couple of times a year you should try and go on a field trip.  This could include a nature walk or a museum.  There are lots of ways to make it relatable to what you are studying.  We have gone to the nearest pond to collect pond water to look under our microscope.  We have also gone geocaching.  Geocaches tend to be at historical sights and in the process of finding the cache they are learning the history of the area.  Take a drive to the country and have them look for certain types of rocks that they have been studying in an earth science unit.  If you have a local animal shelter take a trip there to learn about the animals.

Sometimes field trips seem daunting with young children so instead take a virtual adventure.  There are several websites that provide virtual field trips.  Discovery Education is one of them.  It means you can learn about and see things that you most likely won’t be able to travel to in person.  One I did with my boys was visiting the Egyptian Pyramids on PBS.org.


3 reasons to go on an adventure in your homeschool

First, most kids learn more from hands-on experience.  Going and learning about birds at a Birds of Prey demonstration can be an eye-opening experience.  It might awaken an interest in your child that they otherwise would not have discovered.  Check your local paper and look at the bulletin board at your library.  A lot of times there will be free activities that you and your children can attend.

Next, field trips also give you a break.  This is for you moms.  Sometimes school can seem to drag on forever. If you plan out a short field trip it can give you something to look forward to.  Even if it is just taking your kids to the park to play.

Lastly, homeschool field trips can be taken whenever you want.  That means you don’t have to do it while the crowds of people are there.  If you go during normal school hours, then you can enjoy the freedom of having fewer people and not waiting in lines.  In fact, we have run into several homeschool families on field trips for the same reason.


3 Epic Reasons to go on a Homeschool Adventure

For today’s homework, I want you to think ahead.  Think about the places that you would like to go throughout the school year and plan a field trip.

Next up is our conclusion to the 12 Simple Steps to Homeschooling Series.


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